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Huddle01 is on a mission to democratize how we connect over cyberspace. Leverage our current suite of developer friendly SDKs to build live audio/video applications in minutes.


📱 Mobile Track$2,000
Leverage the Mobile SDK (Alpha) to develop an application that integrates high-quality audio and video functionalities within the web3 space while ensuring an exceptional user experience.

Qualification Requirements

You need to use Huddle01's React Native SDK to add audio/video functionality.

🤖 AI Track $1,500
Create a dApp where an AI bot can enter and interact with the users using audio/video input from the participants.

Qualification Requirements

- You should use Huddle01 SDK - Use any AI tool, which joins the room and user can interact with it

🖼️ Metaverse Track$1,500
Create an immersive gaming experience where individuals can freely explore diverse virtual landscapes while incorporating audio and video features with enabling/disabling media based on proximity

Qualification Requirements

- Use Huddle01 SDK to add audio/video functionality - UX should be smooth