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Filecoin, the world’s largest decentralized network offers more than 16+ Exbibytes of storage. It allows users to store, request, and transfer data via a verifiable marketplace. Filecoin is completely open-source, enabling people from all over the world to participate.


🏆 Most unique projects in the Filecoin Ecosystem$9,000
Up to 3 teams will receive $3,000
Best innovative applications or technologies building with Filecoin projects. Using one or several decentralized technologies from the Filecoin ecosystem qualifies for this track. Qualifying tech: 💿 Filecoin: decentralized storage network, connecting storage providers and clients ↗️ Storage Onramps: NFT.Storage, Lighthouse.Storage 🪐 Filecoin Saturn: an incentivized CDN for fast retrieval ⚙️ FVM: the Filecoin Virtual Machine – a blockchain VM hypervisor - supporting runtimes 🌲 IPC: InterPlanetary Consensus – next-generation scalability tech using trees of subnets New Tech Breakthroughs ⚡️ - we are also encouraging innovative breakthroughs using FVM and IPC ⚙️ New FVM runtimes: Experiment on FVM, adding new execution runtimes. This could be existing blockchain VMs or components like zkEVM, fhEVM, CairoVM, MoveVM, or similar. Or this could be broader virtualization technologies like: Cloudflare Workers, Docker, or even FirecrackerVM. 🌲 Large Scale Applications: Experiment on IPC, leveraging throughput properties IPC subnets and/or tooling to build large scale apps (games, social networks, and more). Ideas: build subnets for games (board games, turn-based games, or similar), subnets for computation (Compute over Data, programming pipelines, etc), or subnets with interesting FVM runtimes (see above). ⚠️ Warning: this requires a lot of experimentation – there be dragons 🐉 Bonus points for building out project ideas unique to the Filecoin Ecosystem!

Qualification Requirements

All projects using Qualifying tech will be considered. Ideas that excited us: 💻Programmatic Storage: Best solutions & tools built on/for FVM to enable programmatic data storage & retrieval, for data clients and/or storage providers on the Filecoin network. 🏛DataDAOs: Build meaningful DataDAOs & DAO tooling solutions on FVM to enable curation, use, storage, analysis, monetization, and/or governance of valuable datasets using FVM DataDAO starter kit. 📦State/storage integration: Build services that retrieve, store and interact with small pieces of data on IPFS through FVM smart contracts. Bonus points for implementing storage and reward disbursement. 🪙DeFi: Best DeFi tools, services, or instruments built on FVM for token-holders & 3000+ storage providers (SPs) - e.g. liquid staking, SP pools, factorization, data insurance, SP insurance, and more. ⚙️🐉 New FVM runtimes: Experiment with new execution runtimes. (described more above). 🌲🐉 Large Scale Applications: Leverage IPC subnets and/or tooling to build large scale apps (games, social networks, and more). (more examples above). You may need to run local nodes! PS: IPFS alone does not qualify.

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🏊 Unique Projects in Filecoin Ecosystem (up to 15 teams)$11,000
Split with up to 12 teams (capped at $917 per team)
Split evenly between all qualifying projects. See prize above for more details - same challenge statements and qualification requirements apply! Prize to be awarded up to 15 teams, capped at $1000 per team. (If less than 11 teams qualify for the pool prize, each team gets $1000!)

Qualification Requirements

All projects using Qualifying tech will be considered. Same challenge statements and qualification requirements as above.


How to build projects unique to the Filecoin ...

In this talk we will cover various ways to store and retrieve data on Filecoin from a smart contract utilising File...

This workshop is happening in-person

06:30 PM IST — Friday, Dec 8, 2023 in Workshop Room 1