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Iron Fish is a privacy-focused L1 powered by zero-knowledge proofs. It mainnet launched in April 2023 and aims to be the privacy platform for all crypto by providing privacy for bridged assets. Iron Fish's design also provides robust view keys and optional disclosure. Learn more at https://ironfish.network/


🔱 Best use of the Iron Fish protocol with interaction from an EVM chain $5,000
Up to 3 teams will receive $1,666
Iron Fish is a privacy-focused L1. Every transaction on Iron Fish is fully encrypted and validated with zero knowledge proofs. It is UTXO based, there are no smart contracts, however it does allow users to create custom assets. For this hackathon you will have access to a Sepolia-Iron Fish bridge for ERC20 assets. The bridge allows for basic transfers from Sepolia to Iron Fish testnet. All assets, even wrapped/bridged assets, are fully private on Iron Fish. The projects with the most creative or practical use case of how to use Iron Fish as a privacy layer for anything Ethereum/EVM related (not limited to just assets) will get the prize. Good luck.

Qualification Requirements

- Must use Iron Fish testnet in their project - Must use either the provided Sepolia <> Iron Fish testnet bridge, or some other EVM <> Iron Fish testnet bridge