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WalletConnect's AppKit is the all-in-one developer tooling platform that enables app builders to easily and securely build products for the new internet. With a rich, layered feature stack spanning onboarding to payments, messaging and more, the simplified stack structure of AppKit enables apps to build powerful top-to-bottom web3 experiences made to last, all through one seamless integration. The core kit includes WalletConnect’s AppKit Core — a wallet connection modal that leverages the WalletConnect Protocol to enable apps to easily support users connecting a wallet to their platform with any of 500+ wallet providers — and a number of layered features like social and email login, swaps, onramp, and more.


🏆 Best projects building with WalletConnect's AppKit$5,000
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
$5,000 will be awarded to the three most creative and innovative solutions building with AppKit. Hint: Brownie points for projects using our layered features like Email/Social Login, Swaps, On-Ramp, and more!

Qualification Requirements

Must build project with WalletConnect's AppKit developer toolkit. Must use WalletConnect features beyond just the Web3Modal to connect your wallet Projects leveraging the WalletConnect Network but building with alternative modals or toolkits will not be eligible.