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LayerZero is an immutable, censorship-resistant, and permissionless smart contract protocol that enables anyone on a blockchain to send, verify, and execute messages on any supported destination network.


🏆 Best Omnichain Implementation$20,000
   ① $13,000       ② $6,250       ③ $750   
Deploy your dApp using LayerZero V2 and leverage our permissionless infrastructure, composable omnichain execution, and contract standards to win!

Qualification Requirements

To qualify for the Best Omnichain Implementation track, participants must adhere to the following criteria: 1. Interact with the LayerZero Endpoint contract using either the LayerZero Contracts Library or your own custom integration to send / receive a cross-chain message. 2. Extend the Base Contract Logic: It's not sufficient to simply inherit the OApp / OFT / Endpoint interface contracts; the developer must also extend it. This means adding new functionalities, features, or optimizations that create new cross-chain use cases. The extension should demonstrate innovation and an advanced understanding of the LayerZero tech-stack. 3. Working Demo: Hackathons have a tough time crunch, and we respect you all for learning to work with our tools so fast! Please focus on having the core contract working, and clean the rest up after. 4. Feedback Form:When hacking, hard to use, buggy, or confusing documentation and tooling can ruin your experience! Please take the time to submit any feedback that you think might be useful for how we can improve your lives when building on LayerZero! The best submission will win $750!