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Protocol Labs is an innovation network driving breakthroughs in computing to accelerate the R&D pipeline. Filecoin, a project in the network, is an L1 blockchain and storage network with a mission to create a decentralized, efficient, and robust foundation for humanity’s information.


🏆 Filecoin Prize$11,000
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Awarded to the top 3 projects overall submitting to any of the Filecoin tracks - Data Apps, AI Tools or Privacy Tools.

Qualification Requirements

- Submit a video demo to showcase and walk through your project. - Open-source your project on Github.

💽 Data Apps$3,000
Best project built on Filecoin storage services (e.g. lighthouse or web3.storage) or using FVM (Filecoin Solidity Library) directly to make data management flow smoothly. Examples: industry specific storage apps xxx.storage, perpetual storage, data aggregators, data caching nodes, truestless notaries & retrieval oracles.

Qualification Requirements

- Store & use application data programmably using Filecoin storage services (e.g. lighthouse or web3.storage). - Deploy your project on the Filecoin Calibration testnet, including any associated smart contracts if applicable.

🦾 AI Tools$3,000
It is powerful to combine verifiable & decentralized storage primitives with AI. We encourage hackers to come up with use cases in the life cycle in training, developing, and using that makes use of the core competence of Filecoin Network. Ideas such as a transparent training process, AI dataset marketplace, decentralized storage and retrieval of AI models, federated learning, etc. are welcomed.

Qualification Requirements

- Store & use data for AI/ML projects using Filecoin storage services (e.g. lighthouse, web3.storage) or use the computation network built on Filecoin (e.g coophive, Lilypad, Fluence) - Deploy your project on the Filecoin Calibration testnet, including any associated smart contracts if applicable.

🕵️ Privacy Tools$3,000
Data privacy and access control are hard topics for any decentralized storage system. We want to award hackers that use zero-knowledge proofs and/or decentralized identity or other means for access control on Filecoin Network. Keep processing of data trusted and data content private while keeping the verification information public.

Qualification Requirements

- Deploy any associated smart contracts on Filecoin calibration testnet, if applicable. - Build a demo project demonstrating the data privacy and access control features of your tools.


🛠️ Filecoin Storage for Building Resilient A...

In the rapidly evolving blockchain technology, resilient and scalable storage solutions are crucial for the success...

This workshop is happening in-person

05:00 PM CEST — Friday, Jul 12, 2024 in Workshop Room 4