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Blockscout is a full-featured, open-source block explorer supporting chains throughout the ecosystem. Applications can use Blockscout in the same ways they use other explorers - to track transactions & addresses, verify and interact with smart contracts, and connect with APIs to enable application functionality. There are several APIs available including RPC endpoints (which can easily substituted for any Etherscan calls), ETH RPC endpoints and REST API endpoints.


🔭 Best use of Blockscout Block Explorer$20,000
Split with up to 95 teams (capped at $211 per team)
We need more 👀 and 👂 on Blockscout! To achieve this, we need apps to start using Blockscout's robust APIs and link to Blockscout when users are checking transactions, addresses and tokens. This is a great add-on bounty as Blockscout is compatible with many chains. Incorporate Blockscout into your hackathon project and qualify for a share of the pool prize!

Qualification Requirements

We want to see how your project incorporates Blockscout. When applying for this bounty, please provide links/screenshots and clearly state how you used Blockscout with your project. 1. Use Blockscout instead of Etherscan or another explorer in your app. Typically this means using the Blockscout APIs and linking to Blockscout for users interacting with your app (ie transaction links should go to Blockscout rather than another explorer). We have a REST API as well as RPC API endpoints available for use. 2. Verify your smart contract(s) using Blockscout. 3. Show Blockscout in your presentation. Show Blockscout in your presentation when checking transactions! 4. Optional - prepare and submit your DApp to the DAppscout marketplace.


🛠️ Blockscout Workshop

Blockscout is an open-source block explorer, an essential piece of infrastructure for EVM chains. Learn about vario...

This workshop is happening in-person

04:00 PM CEST — Friday, Jul 12, 2024 in Workshop Room 1