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The 1inch Network seamlessly unites multiple decentralized protocols, empowering users to perform efficient, user-friendly and secure operations in the Web3 space. The 1inch Network provides access to hundreds of liquidity sources across multiple blockchains. Its main components are the 1inch Aggregation Protocol, the 1inch Liquidity Protocol, the 1inch Limit Order Protocol and the 1inch Wallet – a fast and secure mobile application for storing, receiving, sending and swapping crypto assets. The 1inch Swap Engine, built on top of 1inch’s Aggregation Protocol and Limit Order Protocol, is a decentralized trading and matching system that connects DEX users with practically limitless liquidity. The 1inch Swap Engine executes trade orders using the Dutch auction model, providing more efficiency, flexibility and tunability than regular swaps or limit orders. Powered by the 1inch Swap Engine, Fusion mode enables users to swap tokens without paying any network fees and at the most favorable rates. In addition, Fusion mode offers users extra MEV protection. All swaps in Fusion mode are executed by resolvers – professional traders, who use the most sophisticated and efficient ways of protecting users’ swaps from MEV.
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