Indexing the dataverse base on Filecoin and IPFS (onchain data and offchain data including miners and eventually IPFS,NFT storage, IPFS pinners,web2 data providers, etc)


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HackFS 2021

Project Description

We are building the indexing layer of dataverse base on Filecoin and IPFS which is named as TimeRose(timerose.io).

Essentially, TimeRose is a control plane of retrieval market which can be kind of "Google" and is inherently integrated with data storage market and the retrieval market . So the mission of TimeRose is not only to build the indexing layer of dataverse but also to reinvent the business of the Internet .

For example, If we looked at several Chinese Internet companies (BAT) : search engine(Baidu), content(Tencent), and the marketplace(Alibaba), are now isolated islands. We were also surprised to find that in Web3, all three entry points were unified in the Filecoin/IPFS ecosystem. The data supply chain needs a new paradigm shift - Cloud 2.0:a content platform for data ownership era.

In addition, The Filecoin network has reached 8 exabytes of storage space, but the real business data is stored and retrieved very little. The root cause is the lack of tools to generate and discover content. The development of NFT and metaverses raises the same requirements from an application perspective.

We also looked at the development of the Internet from a macro perspective: Web1, the supply side, Web2, the consumer side, Web3, the supply side again, Web4, the consumer side again.

All the above,That's why we started this adventure.The storage and retrieval markets form the basis of Cloud 2.0 and the indexing layer is the "API" of the Cloud 2.0.

How it's Made

This project leverage the retrieval market of Filecoin/IPFS/Libp2p ecosystem.The fundamental purpose of retrieval market is to build a fair data exchanging network.

The retrieval market has two key components: data discovery and data delivery.

At the data discovery level, we go one step further and build an index layer for all Web3, where not only index the on-chain data and the off-chain data, but also index the computations and functions in the network.

On the data delivery level, we are developing tools not only for helping more Web3 miners but also for migrating enterprise data to IPFS to Web3 to participate in the retrieval market.

The storage and retrieval markets form the basis of Cloud 2.0 and We are currently focusing on the index layer.

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