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DZI Photo Gallery

Deepzoom viewer built with Vue and IPFS

DZI Photo Gallery

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Project Description

I have set up my own gateway at I wanted to build an art certification of authenticity service on the blockchain. High resolution images of the work are essential for the verification of artworks. My future goal is to set up a NFT that can be used in conjunction with IPFS to create an permanent art registration system. This project is only testing the viability of serving deepzoom images over IPFS.

How it's Made

I uploaded and added a large 1GB tif image to my server that was tiled by the node sharp image manipulation library... after it was tiled it consisted of 20,000+ 256x256px images. I published the folder hash to IPNS and then pinned the hash. The IPFS gateway is hosted on digital ocean and the I have https provided by cloudflare. Cloudflare was causing my gateway to timeout before I pinned my content.

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