Streaming Income Share Agreement

Securing loans from lenders using future-income streams as collateral

Streaming Income Share Agreement

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Project Description

Using Superfluid's unique token features that allow for transfer through streaming at a predetermined initial flow rate, this project enables users to get into agreements using their future income stream as collateral to secure loans. Loans are provided by anyone, and they earn interest which is currently established when the contract is deployed. The contract currently only accepts stablecoins as collateral and capital reserve.

How it's Made

This is a DeFi project using Superfluid's features for borrowing and lending crypto tokens. The project still has a lot of work to be done. When complete, the idea is to use the SuperTokens for borrowers incoming streams. Investors will also have an opportunity to invest through SuperTokens as well as the legacy token transfer method. The main smart contract will utilize the SuperApp library to power some of the contract's functionality

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