Stream Reservoir

A Dapp that enables management and investing of streaming subscription funds.

Stream Reservoir

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HackMoney 2022

Project Description

The primary component is a Dapp called a Reservoir. Its purpose is to manage funds used for subscriptions paid in Superfluid money streams. It also acts as a DeFi Vault and manages supply to DeFi protocols. A Reservoir is only modifiable via its creator wallet but it allows Superfluid streams to flow in & out.

How it's Made

[Please note that we haven’t implemented anything on a code level. At this point the project is purely a technical design. Since a video is required for the submission we made one but it’s a verbal video, a telling of the user story at]

A Reservoir is created by deploying the contract from a template.

The wallet that creates the Reservoir can access the contract via a frontend.

(This is similar to Zapper, Zerion, and other finance management Dapps.)

Config and parameters of the Reservoir can be modified by the owner.

The UI is a dashboard which shows all activity managed by the Reservoir.

It displays balances, incoming and outgoing streams, and DeFi supplies and rewards.

The connected DeFi protocols have parameters that can be adjusted.

The streams can be modified like any Superfluid stream.

A proportion of the currency reserves can be supplied to DeFi protocols like Aave, Compound, Curve, etc.

The allocations are managed automatically based on settings in the dashboard.

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