SocketFi is a multi-dimensional blockchain notification and alerts protocol that is chain and channel agnostic


Created At

HackMoney 2022

Project Description

Blockhains expect users to repeatedly check their actions and verify account transactions for both inbound and outbound transactions. Wallet addresses do not receive alerts from any Web3 activity and this disconnection leads to poor UX, communication and engagement.

SocketFi solves this pain point, and plugs the gap on both sides by connecting blockchain wallets and accounts to the user via existing communication channels such as emails, SMS/text and whatsapp alerts.

Users are able to register multiple accounts across desired chains (currently live with Rinkeby and Polygon), and at the same time link multiple communication channel modes. Once the service starts, they will recieve the updates on their active communication channels for their active and linked accounts.

Future plan is to extend this service via APIs and Developer Tooling. Video:

How it's Made

The project uses ethers.js and web3.js for blockchain alerts managements with a nodejs server setup. front end is designed using reactjs and middleware incudes a mongodb application for managing off-chain data. a NodeJS server is listening to the blockchain transactions in the backend and filters out for hte addresses that is saved by the user. Once an address is picked up, the middleware picks up the transaction data, uploads to IPFS and finds the channel (email etc for the notificaiton) and then sends the alerts.

Future plan is to extend this service via APIs and Developer Tooling. APIs to be hosted via AWS API Gateway

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