AquaMetaverse DEFI Platform

Defi Aggregator, NFT Minting, NFT Shop creation tools; Part of larger Gamefi commercial platform and complete blockchain ecosystem specifically focused to serve the Water Sports world. Devoted to aid reduction of plastic and create awareness about its dangers.

AquaMetaverse DEFI Platform

Created At

HackMoney 2022

Winner of


๐ŸŠโ€โ™‚๏ธ Worldcoin โ€” Pool Prize

Project Description

We are building a commercial platform and complete blockchain ecosystem that itโ€™s interoperable by design and specifically focused to serve the Water Sports world and communities.

During this hackathon we are building a new part of the project DEFI Features of Aqua Metaverse platform , we describe here the gaming platform.

DEFI , NFT , Gaming platform focused on the Water sports ecosystem: Brands, Designers, Labels, Sport icons, Olympic champions, Fans, Public: DEFI tools ( swap, liquidity pools, loans) , DEFI Crypto Wallet , NFT Wallet, Mobile phone payment wallet, NFT Store Creation tools, NFT creation tool, Social Page creation tool, Share media on IPFS. 3D Metaverse Lands using Dynamic NFTs. Gaming portals with 3 objectives: Play to Learn , Learn to Earn. Classic Play to Earn. All with one common objective, plastics cleanup, reuse of plastics, recycling plastics, reduce use of plastics.

Giving back time, technology and funds from the Aqua Metaverse commercial activities to ensure the grow of the Aqua Metaverse Community DAO non-profit organization focused on the promotion and support of efforts to Clean Plastic trash from the waterfront zones worldwide.

How it's Made

Hybrid Web2 Web3 , Wordpress web2 with an extended database and code use to integrate Web3 wallets and external apps using Wordpress headless ( only database of users ) . REACT, Moralis, Web3JS , NextJS, Hardhat, Smart contratcs, integrations for defi aggregation and transak for purchasing crypto.

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