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XMTP (Extensible Message Transport Protocol) is an open protocol and network for secure, private messaging between Ethereum accounts. With the XMTP SDK, developers can enhance their applications with a universal inbox for direct messages, alerts, and announcements, or build new tools for dapps, DAOs, creators, and protocols to re-engage users via web3 messaging. Its primary contributor, XMTP Labs, is funded by some of the industry’s top venture capital funds including a16z Crypto and Coinbase Ventures.

📥 Want to try out XMTP?

**To try out XMTP, we have built a reference client at **demo.xmtp.chat - you can then send a message to petermdenton.eth and experience native, secure web3 messaging. You can also fork this example client and build your own here.


🥇 - $1,500 Excellent use of XMTP SDKs 🥈 - $1,000 Excellent use of XMTP SDKs 🥉 - $500 Excellent use of XMTP SDKs

💪- $1,000 In-Chat Bounty Management Using XMTP and TalentLayer (see: https://www.notion.so/In-Chat-Bounty-Management-Using-XMTP-and-TalentLayer-392213f0a98f4a179b816aa1f50be51a)

🏗️ - $1,000 Best use of XMTP + Airstack APIs Using Airstack, Build a discovery engine for onboarding users into messaging via an example app on XMTP.

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