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Tokenbound & ERC-6551



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Tokenbound is a cutting-edge platform that introduces an additional dimension of utility to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by employing Ethereum's ERC-6551 standard to bind access controls directly to these tokens. By leveraging the ERC-6551 standard, Tokenbound enables developers to create unique systems where the ownership of an NFT, effectively acting as a digital key, grants its holder access to specific permissions, such as exclusive digital content, online services, or even physical spaces.

ERC-6551 unlocks exciting new capabilities for NFTs, like NPCs (Networked Playable Characters) having unique onchain identities, objects and characters with configurable inventories, bundles, and investment portfolios. This approach opens up a multitude of possibilities, transforming how we interact with the digital and physical world and heralding a new era for NFT utility.


  • 🏆 Best use of ERC 6551 —$3,000
  • 🤖 Best NPC use case (NFT + TBA + LLMs) —$2,000
  • 🏗 Best infrastructure/tooling (indexer, walletconnect, etc.) —$2,000
  • 🎥 Best onchain media use cases (music, art, photos, etc.) —$2,000
  • 🎨 Best interactive design/visualization of TBAs —$1,000


This workshop is happening in-person
Building with Token Bound Accounts (ERC 6551)
Time: 04:00 PM EDT – Jun 23, 2023
Location: Workshop Room 3

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