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Lit Protocol



Lit Protocol lets you create and manage distributed cryptographic key-pairs for condition-based encryption and programmatic signing. A decentralized key management network, Lit can be used in place of centralized key custodians and other key management solutions.


Best use of Lit Actions and Programmable Key Pairs $4K USDC

Improving the user experience in web3 is essential for the long-term success and adoption of decentralized technology. By making it easier and more intuitive for users to engage with the ecosystem, we can help create a more open, transparent, and user-centric internet for everyone.

Use Lit to create a seamless onboarding process or abstract away signing through programmatic signing. Lit provides the underlying infrastructure for developers to set up programmable signing based on on-chain and off-chain information.

Criteria for the prize: Must utilize Lit Actions and Programmable Key Pairs. UI/UX is top priority! Output should include a demo and documentation of how it utilizes Lit.

$1K Wildcard: Best use of Lit Overall

Getting Started

Resources Developer docs: https://developer.litprotocol.com/ Programmable key pairs: https://developer.litprotocol.com/pkp/intro Lit Actions: https://developer.litprotocol.com/LitActions/intro

Hackathon resources post: https://spark.litprotocol.com/hackathon-resources-spring-23/