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Highlight is a platform for making and discovering art on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Our low-code tooling makes it easy for code-based generative artists and other creators to make art using real-time blockchain data, and deploy their projects as NFT collections using their own smart contracts. We’re thrilled to partner with ETHGlobal to provide the tools to create the official ETHWaterloo event NFT.


Judges from Highlight, and the Ethereum art community will select the best code-based generative art project representing the ETHGlobal brand and mission.

🏆 We’re offering the following prizes for the most creative and inventive use of Highlight:

  • 🥇 Gold: $3,000

  • 🥈 Silver: $1,500

  • 🥉 Bronze: $500


Our generative toolkit is currently in beta—as an ETHGlobal Waterloo attendee, you’ll have first access! Fill out this form to get started.

Eligible projects can be deployed on Ethereum mainnet, L2s (Polygon, Base, Arbitrum), or testnets. The winning project will have gas costs covered to deploy on Ethereum mainnet.

To submit your entry, tweet us @highlight_xyz on Twitter or email us the mint page at gm@highlight.xyz.

Collections must be deployed on Highlight and be a “Generative” collection type. You can submit more than 1 collection for consideration.

Find additional competition details and how to get started here.

Find more resources on getting started with code-based generative art here.