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Ethereum Attestation Service



EAS is an open-source infrastructure public good for making attestations onchain or off-chain.

Open-source. Permissionless. Tokenless. Free to Use.

Attestations are digital claims signed by an entity about anything or anyone. Use attestations to build more trust online. Check out our use cases for inspiration such as decentralized identity, content authenticity, voting systems, and much more.

EAS is live on: Sepolia, Base Goerli, Optimism Goerli, Mainnet, Arbitrum, and Optimism Bedrock.


  • 🏆 $2,000 - Most Innovative Attestation Project

  • Rewarding the project that demonstrates groundbreaking creativity in attestation applications, showcasing the versatility and potential of EAS to create positive change in the ecosystem.

  • 🥈 $1,000 - Runner Up, Most Innovative Attestation Project

  • This prize goes to a project that exhibits exceptional innovation in leveraging attestations to address digital trust complexities, standing out as a notable runner-up in pushing EAS boundaries.

  • 🤝 $1,000 - Best Social Impact Attestation Project

  • Celebrating a project that uses attestations to drive meaningful societal change, exemplifying how trust can be built for social good via EAS.

  • 🤫 $1,000 - Best Privacy-Preserving Attestation Project

  • Recognizing a project that skillfully uses attestations to uphold user privacy. This award emphasizes the importance of balancing trustworthy attestations with the protection of personal information within the EAS ecosystem.

Teams who actually register schemas or make attestations on existing ones will be given more consideration in the decision to award prizes.

Getting Started

Website | Documentation | SDK | Github | Explore Ideas | What are attestations

Attestation Explorers:

Workshop Video! https://www.loom.com/share/1d5e4916e27e4ea29630a60aadd51815?sid=2b04db80-b347-4ef4-8cab-b691e8ad8c50