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Airstack enables you to easily integrate web3 on-chain data and related off-chain data into your apps.More powerful than previous solutions, Airstack enables complex queries that combine on-chain, off-chain, cross-chain, cross-project, and identity data, and enables developers to not have to host their own infrastructure to integrate and serve relevant ecosystem data to end-users.🤖 The Airstack AI engine 🤖 enables you to query with natural language (e.g. “show me all tokens held by Vitalik.eth, images of his NFTs, and his Lens and Farcaster usernames”) — a great way to get started learning the APIs!🔥 New at ETHGlobal Waterloo 2023 🔥 Web3 Identity Resolver APIs: Query across ENS, Lens, Farcaster, POAPs and NFTs with a single Airstack query/response. Build the future of web3 social interoperability with Airstack.👩‍💻 Projects building with Airstack include ZK attestation, CRM, marketing engines, ad platforms, portfolio balancers, storefronts, decentralized social, messaging apps, wallets, token-gated membership solutions, data visualization, and more. What will you build?


With Airsack APIs you can build a fully functional app at the hackathon. The Airstack team will be judging your apps based on their completeness, innovativeness, and specific use of Airstack to make the 🪄 happen.We're offering the following prizes: 🥇 Excellent use of Airstack APIs — 3x $2,000 🎉 Build on Airstack— $4,000 Pool Prize Looking for some inspirations? Check out our Ideas List


This workshop is happening in-person
One API for all your web3 data integrations
Time: 05:30 PM EDT – Jun 23, 2023
Location: Workshop Room 3