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Wellbeing NETH Prize - いい感じの社会をつくろう



NETH is a technology company with the goal of creating a society that well-being. We are using Blockchain to create a society where people can live in wellbeing. In order to realise such a society, neth.network has made it mandatory for all blockchain addresses to be registered with KYC to ensure identity authentication/AML, making it difficult for fraud, cheating and hacking to occur.

私たちはいい感じの社会をつくるを目標としたテクノロジーカンパニーです. Blockchainを活用して人々がウェルビーイングに暮らすことができる社会を実現します。 neth.networkはそうした社会を実現するために全てのブロックチェーンアドレスにKYCの登録を必須とさせることで本人認証/AMLを行い詐欺や不正、ハッキングなどが起こりづらいブロックチェーンを実現しました。


We support projects that might contribute to creating a wellbeing society.


Most innovative use of NETH - $USD 2,000 This award is given to the most innovative and practical blockchain project. Criteria include technical difficulty, market impact, originality and smoothness of implementation.

Most Ecosystem Impact use of NETH - $1,500 This award is given to projects that can interact with or contribute to the NETH ecosystem. Evaluation criteria include relevance to the NETH ecosystem, feasibility, sustainability and scalability.

Social Contribution of Blockchain - USD 1,500 This award is given to projects that utilise blockchain technology to address social issues. Evaluation criteria include social impact, feasibility, sustainability and scalability.

These awards celebrate outstanding projects at the ETH Tokyo event and aim to promote innovation and social contribution using blockchain technology, and the NETH project hopes to use this opportunity to collaborate with more developers to build a better future.

すべての利用ユーザーがKYC/AMLを実施し、 完全実名性のブロックチェーンを前提とした信頼性が高いプロジェクトに対しての支援を行います。

Getting Started



The main engineer missed his flight, We don't have enough documentation in place, If you have any questions, please ask them here on Twitter! 😆

Even if the implementation is not complete, just the concept is appreciated.

メインエンジニアが飛行機に乗り遅れて、 ドキュメントの整備が十分じゃないので、 わからないことがあればこちらのTwitterでご質問ください!😆