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Taiko is building a decentralized Ethereum-equivalent ZK-Rollup (Type-1 ZK-EVM). Taiko enables developers and users to experience Ethereum securely, with lower transaction fees, and without needing to consider any changes. Additionally, Taiko empowers a vibrant community of block proposers, provers, and node runners due to its decentralized design.

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Best Dapps 👷

Build a DeFi, NFT, identity, social, or gaming dapp – or anything you are passionate about. Just build the dapps you love, scale Ethereum, and make it more accessible for people around the world. Remember: you can build on Taiko exactly as you would on Ethereum!

🥇 $3,000

🥈 $2,000

🥉 $1,000

Infrastructure Improvements 🧱

We "operate" Taiko just like the Ethereum Foundation "operates" Ethereum, where the open source codebase is the deliverable that we offer to the community, not some for-profit service. That’s your chance to make Taiko’s ZK-Rollup infrastructure to make it more usable and convenient.

🥇 $2,500

🥈 $1,000

Ideas to consider:

Helpful links for this prize and Taiko infrastructure:


MEV is everywhere. Even where you think there is no MEV – there is MEV. And of course Layer 2 is no exception, L2 transactions are a source of MEV! Whatever you come up with to catch, auction, or direct MEV on Taiko L2 will be useful here. And since we are Ethereum-equivalent, the existing MEV tooling and infrastructure on Ethereum L1 is reusable on Taiko.

🥇 $2,500

🥈 $1,000

Ideas to consider:

  • Integrate flashbots into Taiko proposers.
  • Improve block proposing mechanism (ex. take into account calldata cost)
  • Craft a kind of “mev-boost” for Taiko L2
  • Integrate fancy shared sequencers (Taiko supports those out of the box)

Helpful links for this prize and MEV on Taiko ZK-EVM:

ZK-Zone 🥷

The core of the Taiko ZK-EVM are the ZK-EVM circuits! And the rollup makes use of ZKPs elsewhere as well. Sharpen your circuit writing skills and help improve Taiko while doing so.

🥇 $2,500

🥈 $1,000

Ideas to consider:

Improve the efficiency of bridging on L2 by replacing the (standard!) Ethereum Patricia Merkle Proof checks in the bridging smart contract by a zero knowledge proof verification that verifies the Merkle proofs in a circuit. This exchanges data costs (higher on L2) for computation costs (lower on L2).

Helpful links for this prize and ZK on Taiko:

Protocol Economics (no-code bounty!) 🤓

Help us to design the Taiko Protocol Economics to make it solid, reliable, and robust. No formal rules or constraints, just be creative and think out of the box. Keep in mind that Taiko has decentralized both proposers and provers, for more details about the protocol design check this workshop.


Ideas to consider:

There are two aspects of the tokenomics. 1) the tokenomics between proposers and provers with the protocol mediating it, 2) the proposers need to buy L2 block space through EIP-1559 or similar mechanism. How may one change EIP-1559 to adapt to the fact that L2 blocks do not have constant intervals (block times).

Helpful links for this prize and Taiko protocol economics:

Ethereum Public Goods 🌏

We’re here to scale and expand Ethereum. And because we are Ethereum-equivalent, anything you build for Ethereum, we can likely make use of. So build something that pushes Ethereum and its overarching mission forward.

🥇 $1,500

Fun bounty 💃🏽

Just build the most crazy, weird, and fun thing you can and you’re done. No constraints, no instructions: just think out of the box and build whatever you’re passionate about!

🥇 $1,000

Getting Started