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Secured Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform on the Ethereum blockchain that provides a secure OTC marketplace and advanced financial instruments. Our platform utilizes blockchain technology to enable retail-sized trades with the same level of security as traditional finance, while drastically reducing operating and legal compliance costs.

We are thrilled to be sponsoring the ETHGlobal Tokyo hackathon, and we are offering a $5000 prize for the best DeFi project that utilizes our platform. Our team will be available throughout the hackathon to provide support and guidance to all participants.

Developers can use Secured Finance to create DeFi applications that offer advanced financial instruments, including interest rate swaps (IRS) and structured lending products. Although we currently focus on lending, we aim to expand our platform with more user-friendly interfaces and market analysis tools. We look forward to seeing participants' innovative solutions that enhance the DeFi space and make it more accessible to everyone. Our platform's smart-contract-based settlement enforcement provides the perfect framework for developers to build and test these advanced financial products on the Ethereum blockchain.

Join us at ETHGlobal Tokyo to learn more about our platform and how you can leverage our advanced financial instruments to shape the future of DeFi. Good luck to all participants!


Join Secured Finance at ETHGlobal Tokyo and compete for a chance to win our exciting prizes:

  • 💸 Top DeFi Award: $2000
  • 💻 Best UI/UX Award: $1500
  • 💰 Excellence Finance Award: $1500

The Top DeFi Award is reserved for the most innovative and impactful DeFi project that utilizes our platform. With our smart-contract-based settlement enforcement and advanced financial instruments, the possibilities are endless.

The Best UI/UX Award recognizes the project with the most user-friendly interface and seamless experience. Show us your design skills and create a DeFi project that is intuitive and easy to use.

The Excellence Finance Award is given to the project that demonstrates excellence in financial analysis, modeling, and market research. Use our platform's market analysis tools to craft a compelling DeFi solution that stands out. In this topic, we accept non-engineering submissions

Our team will be available throughout the hackathon to provide support and guidance to all participants. Join us at ETHGlobal Tokyo and showcase your skills and creativity in building the future of DeFi!


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