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Quantstamp is a global leader in blockchain security, on a mission to secure the future of web3. We have performed hundreds of audits and protected billions in digital asset risk from hackers. Quantstamp is honored to have worked with some of the top projects in the industry, including Maker, Compound, Polygon, Arbitrum, Sandbox, and many more. come!



We will be awarding the following prizes based on the following categories :

🛠 $2,500 for the Best Use Case

🎨 $2,500 for the Most Creative Solution

Quantstamp was recently awarded three Ethereum Foundation grants related to rollups. For this hackathon, we will award our prize(s) to projects that are related to rollup security, compression, or block explorer APIs. The winning project should choose one of these topics and explore questions related to it; the winning project should produce some artifacts that explain, expand, or experiment with related ideas. Some ideas might include:

  • Documenting how a rollup operator can upgrade contracts quickly or sneakily.

You could deploy Optimism on a testnet, and try to upgrade their contracts. During this process, are pending transactions affected? Why or why not? Can you replace your contract with anything? Are there difficulties that you, as the operator, face during this process?

  • How much more (in-)effective would it be to use a particular compression algorithm for calldata on a rollup?

You could evaluate changing the compression algorithm for an open-source rollup’s calldata. You could swap out the compression algorithm for another, and evaluate if it performs better or worse.

  • What data would you like to see on a ZK rollup block explorer that might not exist on Etherscan, and how would that data be presented?

You could mock up a Layer 2 block explorer of your dreams, paying special attention to features unique to zero knowledge rollups.

Getting Started

The topics are open-ended, so you’ll likely need to find specific resources that you might need. We provide some links to background reading that you might find useful.