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Lit Protocol



Lit Protocol lets you create and manage distributed cryptographic key-pairs for condition-based encryption and programmatic signing. A decentralized key management network, Lit can be used in place of centralized key custodians and other key management solutions.

Some examples of what to build with Lit is...

DeFi Automation Use PKPs and Actions to automate your interactions across decentralized finance.

  • Condition-based transactions (ex. on-chain limit orders).
  • Recurring payments.

Infrastructure Build powerful infrastructure that harnesses the power of Lit!

  • Cross-chain bridges.
  • Oracles for off-chain data.
  • Decentralized key custodians. Example Projects:

Web3 Social Social applications that empower users with privacy and true data ownership.

  • Credentialing systems for privacy-preserving web3 login.
  • Decentralized chat bots.
  • Verifiable, on-chain reputation building.

Gaming Improve the state of web3 gaming.

  • Signing and wallet abstraction for blockchain-based games.
  • NPCs!
  • Condition-based reward systems and achievements.


Best Use of Lit Actions and PKPs Description: Create compelling use cases for programmatic signing with a focus on user experience.

Web3 technology can be complex, and the learning curve can be steep for users of all backgrounds. This is a major barrier to adoption and prevent people from fully engaging with the decentralized ecosystem. Use Lit Actions and Programmable Key Pairs to build out programmatic signing capabilities that will simplify using web3 technology.

  • 🥇 $3,500 1st Prize
  • 🥈 $1,500 2nd Prize