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Hyperlane is the permissionless interoperability layer pioneering a modular security architecture that empowers developers to own and customize their security stack. With Hyperlane, anyone can bring interoperability anywhere, the interoperability layer purpose built for the modular blockchain world.


🥇Top prize - $4,000 - Best use of Permissionless Interoperability To qualify to win this prize you simply need to deploy Hyperlane on a new blockchain or Rollup. Once deployed, how you utilize your new-found interoperability capabilities will dictate how likely you are to win the grand prize! Could you be the first one to bring Hyperlane to Scroll? Or Fuel? What about other chains participating in the hack? You could even deploy to your own chain! Examples would include deploying to your own rollup created via Celestia, Optimism, Polygon, or any rollup toolkit you’d like to use! Permissionless Interoperability related submissions will be eligible for smaller prizes, such as the Warp Route or Scaling Infrastructure prizes 💸 $2,000 - Best use of Hyperlane Warp Routes Warp Routes are Hyperlane’s unique take on token bridging. They are unique and instanced expression of bridging as opposed to the traditional omnibus token bridge design. Each Warp Route can have its own security model, using Hyperlane’s Interchain Security Modules. Perhaps most importantly, Warp Routes are completely permissionless! No one can stop you from bringing whichever asset you’d like to any chain you’d like. So how can you win this prize? While the only strict requirement is that you use Warp Routes in your submission, the more creative you get with it the better! Here are some ideas about what you could do Create the first bridge to a new chain! This would also make you eligible for the grand prize 😉 Leverage Warp Route’d assets in an app of your design for a boost to an already strong submission Use Warp Routes to create interchain NFTs or bridge existing collections 🌐 $2,000 - Write new Interchain Security Modules (ISMs) Hyperlane’s Modular Security Stack is premised on a variety of available Interchain Security Modules that developers can use to secure how applications can communicate between chains. While a few ISM’s are already available, and more are in the works, the hackathon is a great opportunity to build new ones. Some suggestions for ISMs Hyperlane developers would like to see: An Optimistic ISM; this would implement an ISM that secures messages with an Optimistic system, in the mold of the Optics protocol, one that allows for a challenge period of some time, during which a fraud proof can be submitted by anyone. A successful submission will include the ISM itself, and any necessary offchain agent software such as the Watchtower and any Relayer changes. A Telepathy ISM; the newly released Telepathy client allows for interchain messaging from Ethereum secured by ZK-SNARKs. A Telepathy ISM would use the Telepathy client to secure outbound messages from Ethereum. A successful submission will include the ISM itself, and any necessary changes to the Relayer. A Native/Rollup Bridge ISM; this ISM would leverage the native bridge for a rollup, i.e. the native Optimism or Arbitrum bridges, to secure messaging. A successful submission will include the ISM itself, and any necessary changes to the Relayer.


This workshop is happening in-person
Building the Interchain with Hyperlane
Time: 05:30 PM JST – Apr 14, 2023
Location: 5th Floor | Workshop Room 3