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Bunzz is a browser-integrated DApp development platform, functioning like Firebase for DApps with Smart Contract as a Service. Developers can create DApps by combining modules, deploying them to any EVM networks, and integrating with front-ends using libraries like ethers.js or web3.js.

Bunzz InteractionUI enables direct contract interaction, and its GUI streamlines DApp configuration to deployment. Bunzz provides audited modules for the most frequently used contracts, cutting development time by 99% and saving on auditing process.

Developers can utilize the open-source Smart Contract Hub to upload, publish, and when the module is used, $bunzz token is paid to the user as a reward in the future. This fosters a dev-to-earn ecosystem, and Bunzz has the potential to become a Docker Hub in the Web3 space.

We're sponsoring the ETHGlobal Tokyo hackathon, offering a $5000 prize for the best projects using our platform. Our core team will support participants via our Discord server. Join us to learn about leveraging our advanced DApp infrastructure for your web3 projects.


Join Bunzz at ETHGlobal Tokyo and compete for a chance to win our amazing prizes:

💡 Best Innovation Award: $2500

🛠 Best Web3 Functionality Dapp Award: $2500

The Best Innovation Award goes to the most innovative use case and jaw-dropping project that utilizes our infrastructure platform to upload their own custom innovative module to our Smart Contract Hub in order to complete the development of their DApp.

The Best Web3 Functionality Dapp Award recognises the project that ends up using as many features from the platform as possible in order to complete the development of their DApp.

  1. Requirement:

Use Bunzz to upload your own smart contract module to develop your Dapp

  1. Optional:

Use as many features from Bunzz as you need according to your project needs, as this will increase your chances to win. This might be:

a) Using Bunzz to deploy your custom smart contract or any smart contract module from the existing in Bunzz catalogue

b) Import your own smart contract that you have previously deployed in order to combine them with any existing smart contract module in Bunzz catalogue