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Build with Airstack

Airstack is a developer platform that enables you to easily query and integrate any web3 on-chain data and related off-chain data into your apps. More powerful than previous solutions, Airstack enables complex queries in GraphQL that cut across on-chain/off-chain, cross-chain, cross-project, and identity data, and enables developers to not have to host their own infrastructure to integrate and serve relevant ecosystem data to end-users.

The Airstack AI Assistant enables you to query natural language inputs (e.g. “show me all tokens held by Vitalik.eth”) — a great way to get started if you’re new to GraphQL.

Airstack x ETH Global | Developers Telegram | Developer Docs | Ideas List


🔥 Best overall use of Airstack APIs -- $3,000

👯 Best use of Airstack APIs in a consumer application -- $1750

🗄 Best use of Airstack APIs in a business application or dev tooling -- $1,750

🪄 Best implementation of a project on our Ideas List -- $2,000

**Implementation of Airstack schemas for writing an in-demand Subgraph **from our Ideas List

  • 🥇 $1,000
  • 🥈 $250
  • 🥉 $250


This workshop is happening in-person
Building data-aware applications
Time: 06:00 PM JST – Apr 14, 2023
Location: 5th Floor | Workshop Room 1

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