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At Spheron, we are building a middle layer for accessing the decentralised infrastructure to remove the friction of onboarding new developers and companies.

Use cases 💡

The use cases that Spheron provides currently are:

NFT Storage - Projects can select any storage via Spheron Storage API & Widget

CDN & Gateways - Cache your data and retrieve it much faster to improve user experience

Compute Abstractions - Access multiple Web3 templates and spin up nodes in a few clicks.

Web Hosting - One of the fastest in the Web3 space with a robust CD pipeline and global CDN for IPFS & Filecoin

Website | Discord | Twitter | Documentation


Selection Criteria:

1️⃣ Deploy your static or SSR web app via Spheron

2️⃣ Attach your custom root domain to the deployed version

3️⃣ The best app with a great UI and smoother app experience

4️⃣ Priority will be given to apps that are in these categories Defi, NFT, DAO, Game & Dynamic NFT

The top 10 submissions will receive the following:

  • $200 * 10 = 🏆 $2,000