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zkSync Era | Account Abstraction & Security



zkSync Era is a Layer 2 zkEVM designed to scale blockchains like the internet. With zkSync Era, it’s trivial for web3 developers to take advantage of high-speed, low-cost transactions with the same security guarantees as Ethereum.

zkSync Era also supports native Account Abstraction. By combining intuitive UX with self-custody, AA-enabled Smart Wallets are critical to onboard the first billion users to web3.


zkSync Era has arrived at the Fair Onboarding Alpha milestone, meaning the system is fully open source and registered projects can start to deploy on mainnet.

We’re also welcoming you — our passionate developer community — to start building on zkSync Era through one of the Bounty Tracks below.

🔍 Bounty Tracks

Account Abstraction and Security

TD;LR: Innovations in self custodial wallets for a better user experience and user interface (UX/UI), with lower fees, will help onboard the next billion users. In this track, you have the opportunity to use Account Abstraction which is implemented in the protocol level on zkSync Era.

🪄 The Magic: Account Abstraction unlocks innovations in wallet design by bringing web2 UX/UI convenience to web3, so that self custody is much easier and decentralization increases.

🤫 The Secret: Account Abstraction allows organizations to create curated web3 experiences to smoothen onboarding, security and retention. It’s the holy trinity of usability. With AA, we can adapt accounts to business logic needs, instead of adapting business logic needs to accounts.

🔍 The Deets: By treating smart contract accounts at the same level as Externally Owned Accounts (EOA), we can break free from the EOA’s hardcoded assumptions. Accounts are abstracted because now the implementation and the interface are decoupled, allowing for customizable accounts only limited by your imagination.

A great example of Account Abstraction can be found in Raise Finance’s Blog: https://raisefinance.medium.com/the-power-of-account-abstraction-technical-overview-of-the-raisepay-wallet-8e8c43dee64f.

  • Optional ideas: improve security using account abstractions via:
  • multi-factor authentication via any medium: Gmail, Google Auth, etc.
  • Fraud monitoring service, where the service is of the multi-sigs wallet signers: if compliance rules work, sign.
  • General abstraction for plug and play services: easily add fraud monitoring, KYC, or any arbitrary service.
  • Allow / block lists of dapps to use: create safe and curate experiences with approved dapps.
  • Safe transactions training wheels: create safe and curated experience with limits on trading size, margin and assets, or certain types of transactions based on expertise.
  • Intra-net accounts: create an intra-net of accounts with different tiers and permissions to increase security. Super charge with easily generated common templates and links between accounts. Abilities include: hierarchy of wallets with different permissions, accounts for internal payments within intra-net, limited account for external payments, etc.
  • Custom wallet generators: easy to create inter-linked custom accounts customizable functionality, using on visual GUI tools. Think IFTT meets ETH.Build, meets Your Favorite Wallet.
  • Innovations in social recovery: friends, mechanisms for anons to provide service for social recovery, better visual design language for social recovery.
  • Emergency Escape Hatches: Easy to recover L2→L1 funds via innovations in emergency escape hatches.
  • Innovations on vaults for safe storage: Deadman switches, account vaults for short term assets to trade and long term assets to hold with different permissions. For example: for long term assets, add customizable default locks like 1-week minimum lock to prevent stealing.
  • Multi-address model wallets: easily generate and manage a new account address for each new application using account abstraction.
  • Any cool and innovative ideas you can dream of. Impress us!
  • Optional: improve onboarding using account abstractions and Paymasters via:
  • paying the gas fees for users with Paymasters.
  • paying bills and fees with ERC20 tokens like USDC.
  • session keys: approve all transactions under certain customizable conditions.
  • multi-calls: no more signing several transactions, now you can batch transactions for flow.
  • Any out-of-the-box ideas you can dream of. Impress the world!
  • Improve retention via:
  • Using Paymasters to reward on-chain activity like: pay fees or percentage of fees for users that meet a certain threshold.
  • Using Account Abstraction to help increase utility of assets

Developer Tooling

TD;LR: Innovations in developer tooling to turbo charge productivity.

  • 🪄 The Magic: The more we can automate and simplify, the less we can think about how to do something and more about what to do.
  • 🤫 The Secret: DevTools are the unsung heroes of ecosystems.
  • 🔍 The Deets: Your work can quickly be leveraged by many and save not just time for yourself, but for your peers.

Developer Tooling Improvements to Consider:

  • Creating plugins for existing tools and frameworks not supported yet, like Foundry, Truffle, or Remix. In the README.md, describe how the zkSync-related plugin was created so others can follow along, contribute to, or extend the work.
  • Add new features to zksync-cli, along with a tutorial explaining how to add new features. In the README.md, describe how the new feature was added so that others can add new features to the zksync-cli in the future.
  • Create new tools that improve the developer experience (e.g., an Account Abstraction smart contract wizard like the OpenZeppelin one). This is open ended: build anything your team finds useful and can think of. In the README.md, describe how the tool was built, so others can follow along, contribute, or extend the work.


  • 🔐 $3,000 — for Account Abstraction and Security 1st place, $1.5k 2nd place, $1k 3rd place, $500

  • 🛠 $2000 — for Developer Tooling 1st place, $1.5k 2nd place, $500


Getting Started

We have the zkSync Era**∎ | Developer Library, where you can find all the necessary resources for you to get started with zkSync Era.