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UMA & Across



UMA is an optimistic oracle (OO) that can verify any statement proposed on the blockchain. Using economic incentives, the OO tells smart contracts “things about the world” so contracts and markets asking for that data can be settled. Across, UMA's sister project is a cross-chain bridge that supports cheap, secure, and near-instantaneous transfers between L2s and to L1. Across transfers are secured by UMA’s optimistic oracle. Builders can use OO as a decentralized truth machine that is flexible enough to handle ambiguity and real-world data with human-powered dispute resolution. UMA’s OO secures and empowers a diverse set of Web3 applications, including cross-chain bridges, insurance protocols, prediction markets and customizable DAO tooling products.


UMA's OO expands what can be built in Web3 and there are many use cases that haven't been thought of yet. We're looking for submissions that build new and innovative on-chain protocols that require off-chain, cross-chain, or aggregated data verified by our oracle.By hacking on Across you will help to strengthen and broaden the bridging ecosystem and increase adoption of L2s. To do this, we need projects that improve scalability, security, and simplicity — and help to provide solid bridging infrastructure that people use without hesitation. 🥇- $5,000 🥈 - $2,000 🏊‍♀️ - $3,000 pool prize