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Taiko is building a decentralized Ethereum-equivalent ZK-Rollup (Type-1 ZK-EVM). Taiko enables developers and users to experience Ethereum securely, with lower transaction fees, and without needing to consider any changes. Additionally, Taiko empowers a vibrant community of block proposers, provers, and node runners due to its decentralized design.

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Best Dapps

🥇 $1,500

🥈 $1,000

Build a DeFi, NFT, or gaming dapp – or anything you are passionate about. Just build the dapps you love, scale Ethereum, and make it more accessible for people around the world. Special care for User Experience is appreciated!

Infrastructure Improvements



Taiko’s ZK-Rollup relies on infrastructure to make it more usable and convenient. For example, block explorers and bridges. Contribute to Taiko’s ecosystem by building out useful infrastructure that can be used by all.

Ideas to consider:

ZK Wizardry


Help us put the ZK in our ZK-EVM by building something out on that side of the project. Whether you’ve already written some circuits, or are just learning, there’s no better time than now.

Ideas to consider:

  • Write a data compression circuit; use whatever data compression you’d like and write in whatever language you’d like. (Optimism does a good job explaining calldata compression here; and for us ideally the circuit is written using the Halo2 library)

Protocol Economics (no code)


Help us to design the Taiko Protocol Economics to make it solid, reliable, and robust. No formal rules or constraints, just be creative and think out of the box.

Keep in mind that Taiko is a ZK-Rollup. Both proposers and provers are decentralized. For details on the mechanism of Taiko Protocol – check our workshop!


Getting Started