logoScaling Ethereum 2023




Scroll is a zero-knowledge rollup built to scale Ethereum. We're committed to Ethereum's ethos, and like to call ourselves the community-first zkEVM.

If you’re experienced in building on Ethereum, your code, dependencies, and tooling work with Scroll out of the box. This is possible because our network is compatible with EVM bytecode and designed to feel just like developing on Ethereum. With the launch of the Alpha testnet on Goerli, Scroll is inviting the developer community to join early and begin innovating.


📜Deploy your smart contract on Scroll - $10,000 total (Pool Prize)

This should just mean changing your RPC! Try out Scroll's next-generation zk-rollup by deploying your project's smart contracts on the Scroll Alpha testnet on Goerli. With Scroll's zkEVM, users will benefit from lower costs, shorter block times, and higher throughput -- without you needing to modify your Solidity code.

🧾Empower Ethereum's Future with AppliedZK - 2 x $2,500

Thinking about scaling and privacy beyond rollups? Show us your best app building new use cases for the ecosystem, leveraging the power of zero-knowledge proofs. Scroll doesn't expose any ZK primitives (we're just like mainnet's evm), but deploy your project's on-chain elements to Scroll and take home this prize!

😋Cheap & Fast Blockspace Utilizoooor - 2 x $2,500

We want to see dApps taking advantage of cheap gas fees and 3 second block times. What new use cases or user experience benefits can these bring to applications? What can you build in this design space that Ethereum makes more difficult?