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The Optimism Collective is redistributing power to humanity through a low-cost, lightning-fast Ethereum-equivalent L2 blockchain. OP Labs, the first opco in the Optimism collective, is working to scale Ethereum’s technology and values by building the most secure, stable, and decentralized blockchain.The OP Stack is the standardized, shared, and open-source development stack powering Optimism Mainnet and the Superchain. It maximizes interoperability and composability between different chains using the OP Stack.Optimism’s RetroPGF is changing the way impactful software is rewarded. The Optimism Collective funds projects that promote the growth of the Optimism ecosystem, whether it be tools and infrastructure, tooling, education about Optimism, or something else. You build projects with impact, you get paid.Website | Twitter | Discord | Ideas✨


⛏️ $10,000 Hack the Stack – Deploy your OP Stack-Powered RollupShow us what you’d do with your own L2. Use the OP Stack’s Bedrock release to deploy a rollup on testnet and do something cool with it. This could be a Superchain-ready chain with minimal under-the-hood changes powering your dapp(s), or you can go wild with customizing different layers. Past examples include an on-chain voxel builder, a Bitcoin-to-EVM rollup, and an entire execution engine placed in a Game Boy emulator.Special consideration will be given to infrastructure and tools. Think RPCs, oracles, deployment, etc. 🥇 - $5,000 🥈 - $3,000 🥉 - $2,000 🗯️ $6,000 Great Attestations – Identity & Reputation BountyBuilding an identity or community-related project? Add attestations into your dapp, tool, or product and deploy on Optimism Mainnet or an OP Stack-powered chain.Use Optimism’s AttestationStation to send, read, and otherwise use attestations as part of your entry. Examples could include event ticketing, webforms, a SybilRank calculator, or a composable allowlist for NFTs.Pro tip: use the Hackathon Starter Kit and AttestationStation SDK for a blazing fast start. 🥇 - 3 teams x $2,000 each 🏰 $4,000 Pool Prize – Deploy on Optimism MainnetMaking a dapp, tool, or other on-chain product? Deploy it on Optimism Mainnet, the lightning-fast L2 blockchain built by the Optimism Collective. The top 10 projects (that don’t win another OP prize) who deploy on Optimism Mainnet will get a piece of the pool. 🏊 Up to ten teams will win


Getting Started

🔩Hackathon Starter Kit: Built with ❤️ for Scaling Ethereum hackers. Optimism + wagmi + Foundry + Rainbowkit + Vite project originally bootstrapped with create-wagmi.Optimism Ideas List: Big ideas, specific ideas, tool ideas, ecosystem ideas, dangerous ideas, updated for AttestationStation and the OP Stack.OP Stack Resources OP Stack Docs Getting Started Guides OP Stack Customization Guides Optimism Monorepo Identity, Reputation, and AttestationStation Resources AttestationStation Overview AttestationStation Tutorial (GitHub) AttestationStation SDK and CLI Goerli Testnet Fauced for Optimism Optimism Mainnet Docs and Getting Started Guides