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Mantle is a high-performance Ethereum layer-2 network built with modular architecture delivering low fees and high security. Builders can leverage Mantle’s unique design to build dApps with exceptional UX, all while relying on Ethereum’s unrivaled security.


🛠 Build on Mantle ($5,000 in bounties paid out in $BIT)

  • This bounty seeks to reward innovative projects that leverage the Mantle testnet to improve the web3 ecosystem. We will consider any project deployed on Mantle, but here are some ideas:
  • NFT/Gaming - Build an NFT or web3 gaming-related project that uses novel NFT use cases, improves wallet interactions for games, or addresses one of the challenges outlined in the Game7 report.
  • Developer Infrastructure or Tooling - Create an SDK, API, or tool to facilitate collaboration among DAOs and web3 teams, such as multisig tooling, transaction tracing, or making Mantle data available within Google’s BigQuery.
  • DeFi - Create an implementation on Mantle that enhances the DeFi ecosystem, such as core protocol tools, ecosystem tools, use cases for NFTs and the Metaverse, DAOs, DeFi, and DApps.


  • 🥇 1st Prize: $2,500 in $BIT
  • 🥈 2nd Prize: $1,500 in $BIT
  • 🥉 3rd Prize: $1,000 in $BIT


  • All submissions must be deployed on Mantle testnet
  • A video demo and GitHub repo must be submitted
  • Link to your contract on the Mantle Explorer: https://explorer.testnet.mantle.xyz/

Judging Criteria: Overall quality of the submission, including innovation, impact on the web3 ecosystem, and technical feasibility.


Getting Started