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Intmax is a project that promotes the billion-user adoption of Layer 2.

There are two things we are doing to achieve this.

1️⃣ Intmax protocol, a completely stateless Layer2 with interoperability.

2️⃣ Intmax wallet, a wallet-less wallet for all Layer2s with biometric authentication. Just add webmax.js to your existing frontend, and you will get these features instantly.

This time, we are going to give out a prize for 2️⃣ Intmax Wallet.


🏆 2 prizes x $2,500 each

Intmax is offering 2 prizes of $2500 each. And since other rollups are offering a prize as well, you have a chance of doubling your prize if you develop dApps on the rollups using Intmax's webmax.js!