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Gnosis Chain is a highly decentralized EVM blockchain designed for fast and inexpensive transactions, scalability, community, and sustainable growth. The chain uses a unique dual-token model; xDai is a stable token used for transactions, payments, and fees, while GNO is used to secure the network through governance and staking.


Gnosis Chain will be awarding the following prizes for use of Gnosis Chain:

Most innovative dApps on Gnosis Chain: Total $20,000 🥇 Gold Prize: $8,000 🚀 Silver prize: $5,000 🤝 Bronze prizes: $3,000 🌉 Best project on Hashi (2 winners): $2000 x2

Hashi is an EVM Header Oracle Aggregator designed to facilitate a principled approach to cross-chain bridge security. The primary insight is that most bridge-related security incidents could have had a minimal impact if the systems relying on them had built in some redundancy. In other words, requiring messages to be validated by multiple independent mechanisms, rather than just one, is much more secure.

Learn more about Hashi here: https://github.com/gnosis/hashi


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