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Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM)



Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) is a runtime environment for smart contracts (also called actors) on the Filecoin network. FVM brings user programmability to Filecoin, unleashing the enormous potential of an open data economy.

FVM unlocks boundless possibilities, ranging from dataDAOs, to perpetual storage, to financial services for miners (e.g. collateral lending, liquid staking, insurance protocols), to decentralized compute and Layer 2 networks (such as reputation systems, and incentive-aligned content delivery networks, and more.

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🪄 DataDAOs: Best use and development of data organizations on FVM to incentivize storage of datasets on the Filecoin network. Examples include vertically-focused dataDAOs for decentralized science, machine learning models, biotech etc. We want to highlight DAOs that specifically incentivize the curation, editing, storage and analysis of datasets that are critical to humanity. Prize: 1 x $2,000

🚀 Programmable Storage markets: Best use of FVM to orchestrate, aggregate and broker storage on the Filecoin network. Examples include storage bounties, full sector auctions, Filecoin sector rebates and incentive schemes to drive a more efficient data economy. Prize: 1 x $2,000

🧰 Tooling: Best use of FVM to build tools to support Filecoin economy participants (e.g., storage providers, storage clients etc.) and improve the dapp workflow. Example projects may build trustless reputation systems, retrievability oracles, discoverability mechanisms for stored data locations, storage deal repair and replication workers and more Prize: 1 x $2,000

🔗 Primitives & Infra: Best use of FVM to facilitate intra and inter-protocol transactions. Examples include cross-chain transactions and bridges, access controls and more. Prize: 1 x $2,000

🃏 Wild Card: Awarded to projects with the best overall use of Filecoin's Virtual Machine. Bonus points for projects drawing on the uniqueness of Filecoin and its storage capabilities, let your imagination run free! Find project examples here. Prize: 1 x $2,000