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Dfns is the most secure wallet-as-a-service infrastructure in Web3. Dfns offers an API-first wallet management system designed to provide application developers with secure, plug-and-play access to all blockchains. We designed the product with focus on developer experience to maximize programmability, minimize high-touch implementations, and provide granular sets of permissions, controls and policies via secure API credentials.The core security model of Dfns is based on a decentralized, MPC-driven key management network with built-in threshold recovery mechanisms. Dfns Labs is the PhD-led cryptography team that is pushing the boundaries of decentralized and trustless key management systems by making multi-party computation and threshold-based protocols more scalable, robust, and accountable.


May the best projects using Dfns win!

  • 🥇 Main winner: $2,000
  • 🥈 Second best: $1,000
  • 🥉 Special prizes: $500 X4


  • Augmented Reality Gaming Metaverse
  • Crypto Collectible Fashion
  • Decentralized Energy Trading
  • AI-Driven Crypto Investment Advisor
  • Blockchain-Powered Global Citizenship
  • NFT Asset Management Platform
  • Decentralized Identity Verification
  • Decentralized Data Marketplace
  • Blockchain-Powered Real Estate Investment Platform
  • Decentralized Social Media Platform
  • Carbon Offset Tokenization Platform

Selection Criteria

Base Criteria (all submissions):

  • You must submit a link to your project with a working Dfns integration
  • Your UI must flesh out and use at least 3 endpoints from the Dfns API

An outstanding submission is:

  • A live working frontend component using the Dfns API, embedding multiple wallets that can all initiate payments and get their balance, invite people to join the app by email (or link), enable settings and permissions for wallet users and notify users of the main events that can occur, such as wallet creation and transaction signing.


  • Comprehensiveness of functionality
  • Production-grade user experience
  • Code readability and reusability
  • BONUS: Provide feedback on developing with Dfns.
  • BONUS: Help promote Dfns through contributions to docs, presentations, and social media.
  • BONUS: Demonstrate Dfns composability by integrating components to enhance UX.
  • BONUS: Utilize the WebAuthn-based authentication service to improve user onboarding.