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StarkWare develops scaling solutions for the Ethereum blockchain based on STARK Validity Proofs. It has launched StarkEx – a SaaS scaling engine, and Starknet, a Layer 2 Validity Rollup. It has also developed Cairo, a Turing-Complete Programming Language.

Starknet is a permissionless Validity-Rollup (also known as a “ZK-Rollup”) that operates as an L2 network over Ethereum. It enables any dApp to achieve scale for its computation without compromising Ethereum’s composability and security, thanks to Starknet’s reliance on a state-of-the-art cryptographic proof system - STARK.


Prize Amounts:

🥇 First place: $4,000

🥈 Second place: $3,000

🥉 Third place: $1,000 X3 (Available for three groups, $1,000 each)

What can you build on Starknet?

Well, the simple answer is - anything!

Starknet focuses on scalability and performance therefore - any decentralized application can be built using Cairo and deployed on Starknet. However, we have some ideas for you to get inspired from:

Fun & easy ideas:

  1. A dapp to find and connect with hackathon partners/people with shared hackathon interests. A Bumble for hackathon enthusiasts if you will ;)
  2. A fun ticketing platform for Starknet events
  3. Crypto payment streaming application
  4. web3 messaging from one Starknet wallet to another/push notifications for Starknet dapps

More ideas:

  1. A decentralized social media platform
  2. A decentralized LMS
  3. A platform for content creators to network and collaborate
  4. Under collateralized lending
  5. Automated leveraged yield farming on Starknet DEXs
  6. Censorship resistant Wallstreetbets
  7. On-chain subscriptions: A protocol that is a factory for any app to create on-chain payment streaming and subscriptions. Combine elements like NFTs to increase engagement and unlock features
  8. Prediction market minter with an Oracle integration


This workshop is happening in-person
Account Abstraction on Starknet
Time: 04:00 PM EDT – Sep 22, 2023
Location: Workshop Room 3

Getting Started

Want to deep-dive and learn more?

🐺 All things Starknet: The Starknet Book

🤿 Deep-dive into Cairo: The Cairo Book

🤓 Official Cairo Lang Documentation: Cairo lang Docs

You can also refer to this document for detailed setup instructions on Cairo.

We also suggest doing this automated workshop to gain some free points.