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Nouns is a community-owned brand that makes a positive impact by funding ideas and fostering collaboration. From collectors and technologists to non-profits and brands, Nouns is for everyone.

Nounish. In the Nouniverse, there's a popular adjective to describe things with a Nouns vibe. This includes doing good, creating positive externalities, embracing absurdity and difference, teaching people about Nouns and crypto, and having fun. In other words, anything that helps to spread Nouns and crypto adoption.

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🏆 Best Public Goods

  • 5 teams x $500 USDC each

🎨 Best use of Nouns Artwork

  • 5 teams x $500 USDC each


To qualify for the Nouns Prize, make sure to take into consideration the following points:

  • Build a permissionless public good ↗︎.

  • Keep it nounish – e.g., fun, exciting, curious, public good, outside of the box, etc.

  • Include Nouns artwork always – check Resources →

Need inspiration?

Check out the previous winning projects ↗︎

Getting Started

You can use the Nouns artwork and any other dev resources freely for any project for any purpose. It's CC0 ↗︎ (public domain, a.k.a. no copyright!).

Nouns Dev Resources

Nouns Assets

Nouns Art Tools

More details and examples