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The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) enables you to have a portable web3 username and profile. Use it to establish an online identity, simplify crypto payments for any blockchain, and host decentralized websites.

ENS supports .eth names natively, as well as any DNS names you already own. There are millions of ENS names, 700k+ unique users, and hundreds of integrated services including some of the largest wallets, dapps, and browsers.


$2,500 to the Best Overall Use of ENS
Any type of ENS integration is eligible for this prize.

$2,000 to the Best Use of ENS Subnames
ENS subnames can be onchain or offchain (including L2). This prize covers either approach.

$2,000 to the Best Implementation of ENS with Account Abstraction
Explore how ENS can be used to improve the user experience of account abstraction. Submissions might use ENSIP-11 to aggregate a user's smart accounts across multiple chains, or implement a smart account that sets a primary ENS name when being deployed.

$1,000 to the Best Use of Thorin
Thorin is our design system and React component library that makes building premium web3-native frontends faster and easier.

$500 x 5 to Honorable Mentions
Open to your creativity! We recommend at least implementing ENS name and avatar resolution.

All winners may have the opportunity to present at an ENS ecosystem call or Twitter space after the hackathon.


This workshop is happening in-person
ENS: Identity in Your Apps
Time: 04:00 PM EDT – Sep 22, 2023
Location: Workshop Room 1