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Biconomy is a Web3 developer and transaction infrastructure platform that helps developers build effortless experiences for their end users.

As pioneers of Account Abstraction (ERC-4337) and Gasless transactions, we accelerate the mass adoption of Web3 through simplified UX, achieved with a powerful decentralised UX stack.

Developers use our Account Abstraction-compliant SDK to easily remove UX complexities, onboard users, and scale their dApps.


Total prizes - $10000 Prizes:

Best use of Modules with Biconomy SDK - $2000 x 2

Best one click Defi Recipe with Biconomy SDK - $1000 x 2

Best web2 experience onchain - $1000 x 2

Pool prize - $2000

To be eligible for any prize, you must:

Execute at least one successful user operation

Integrate at least two of the following:

Gasless transactions via Paymaster

Paying for gas with ERC20 Tokens

Social logins to create smart accounts

Session Key module

Multi Chain Module

Best use of Modules with Biconomy SDK - $2000 x 2

The Biconomy SDK has gone modular; we now offer validation modules that can help extend the functionality of our Smart Accounts to help you unlock more powerful use cases in dApps. Build a dApp that utilizes our modules, here are some ideas on what to build:

Cross-chain air drop manager dApps using our multichain module

Combine web2 automation tools with onchain actions by using our session keys module

Fluid web2-like experience with onchain games unlocked by our session keys module

These are just suggestions we want to see you unlock experiences that have meaning to you!

Best one-click Defi Recipe with Biconomy SDK - $1000 x 2

The Biconomy SDK allows you to create one click experiences by batching transactions together. Explore use cases for this in defi and make defi protocols simpler to use for everyone, web3 native or not. You could very easily combine this prize with some of the other defi protocol sponsors in the hackathon. Unlock 1 click experiences for Uniswap, Aave, or 1inch. For inspiration check out the links below:



Best web2 experience onchain - $1000 x 2

Onboarding users who are not native to web3 can be a hassle. To maximize the number of users on your platform, you may want an easy onboarding process for users not native to Web3. Leverage Social Logins for easy smart account creation and use our Paymaster service to help sponsor transactions in your dApp for a gasless experience within your dApps.

This should be more than just a Youtube or Reddit dApp on chain, you should include compelling reasons why blockchain is needed for your project and how AA helps to bring more users to your platform.

Pool Prize - $2000

Pool prize to be distributed among runner ups who had good projects but may not have won other categories. Successful execution of userops is a requirement to be considered for this pool prize.


This workshop is happening in-person
Intro to Modules on the Biconomy SDK
Time: 04:20 PM EDT – Sep 22, 2023
Location: Workshop Room 3