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Axelar is the full-stack interoperability layer for Web3.

The network enables blockchain as a new application development platform, by integrating ecosystems of innovation into a seamless “Internet of blockchains.”

Axelar is programmable and decentralized, secured by a proof-of-stake token, AXL.

Application users access digital assets on any blockchain, with one click. Developers work with a simple API and access an open market of tooling to automate complex tasks.

You can think of it as Stripe for Web3.

More about Axelar: http://axelar.network


Challenge Name: Prize for using Axelar GMP for sending Interchain Messages / Tokens

Description: Use Axelar in your project to build a DApp that takes advantage of the ability to interact with contracts across multiple chains using Axelar’s General Message Passing.

Acceptance Criteria:

Use GMP’s callContract or callContractWithToken to provide valuable interchain functionality as part of your DApp

Projects will be judged on Viability, Creativity, and how essential being Interchain is to your DApp

Please include the following in the readme.md / bounty.md of your application: You must share an AxelarScan link with a completed Interchain transaction You must share the source code of your DApp You must share at least 2 positive or negative experiences you had with learning and using Axelar

Prizes: 1st Place: $3,000 2nd Place: $1,500 3rd Place: $500


This workshop is happening in-person
Build Interchain - An Axelar Workshop
Time: 03:00 PM EDT – Sep 22, 2023
Location: Workshop Room 2