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​​​​​Aleo is a new Layer-1 blockchain and developer platform that leverages zero-knowledge technology to enable builders to create private and programmable web applications. It is designed from the ground up and comprised of a decentralized operating system (snarkOS), a zero-knowledge virtual machine (snarkVM), and a zero-knowledge DSL and complier (Leo).


Aleo will be awarding three prizes for the top applications built using Leo:

🥇 1st Place: $3,000

🥈 2nd Place: $1,500

🥉 3rd Place: $500

Build your application based on one of the following categories:

🎮 Gaming

🪪 Identity & Authentication

💰 ZeFi (zero-knowledge DeFi)

🤖 zkML (zero-knowledge machine learning)

🗳️ Voting & Governance

All application ideas are valid. We are primarily looking for feature-complete dApps that have a user interface. We understand this is a hackathon, so even a simple application is ok.

Please note that Aleo is still in Testnet. This means some functionality is still under development. It is essential to consider this when building your application.

Below you can find a list of the features/functionality that is currently in progress:

  • -Multi-execution transaction types
  • -Arrays (in the Leo programming language)
  • -AleoBFT (consensus mechanism)

Submission Requirements:

a) Your program must be deployed to Aleo's on-chain program registry

b) Your GitHub repo must be public and contain a .leo and/or .aleo file

c) Your repo must contain a folder with the following information:

  • -Description of your application and why it would add value to the ecosystem
  • -Instructions on how to execute your application
  • -A description of parameters, functions, etc. This should live in a README

d) You must provide a demo video

e) Your submission should have some minimum UI/UX

f) Please provide information on any challenges or roadblocks you faced

Judging Criteria:

a) Novelty - How unique is the application? Does it not exist on Aleo currently?

b) User Experience - How easy is the application to understand and use?

c) Engineering - How well engineered is the dApp given Aleo's current state?

d) Functionality - What can you do with the application?