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The Neon Foundation is an organization with the mission to promote the development, growth, and adoption of Neon EVM and its ecosystem


Neon EVM is a solution for anyone looking to scale Ethereum dApps on Solana in a developer-friendly manner and tap into Solana's vibrant ecosystem. We offer participants of ETHLisbon to deploy their Ethereum dApps on Neon EVM and make test transactions.

The expected results: a working smart contract (unit-tests results are crucial), UI (very desirable). Run the performance tests for the deployed dApp.

Best use of Neon FVM

🥇First place - $2500

🥈Second place - $1500

🥉Third place - $1000

If you didn't have time to create your application at ETHLisbon, then you can port over the existing Ethereum dApps to Neon-EVM* (there's no need to create any smart contracts). You can refer to dApps from the following list: https://dappradar.com/rankings/protocol/ethereum and ask the mentors from Neon EVM