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Lens Protocol is the social layer for web3.

The Lens social graph enables creators to take ownership of their content wherever they go across the dozens of high quality apps across the Ecosystem, with new ones coming online every month.

With Lens, you can easily build social applications or integrate social features into your existing applications. For developers, one of Lens' most powerful features is that it eliminates the need to build, maintain and pay for back-end infrastructure, allowing developers to focus 100% on building the consumer experience.

Teams with as few as 1 developer are able to build polished experiences on Lens using the variety of APIs and SDKs available to builders.


🥇 $3,500
🥈 $2,500
🥉 $1,500
5️⃣ 5x $500 for 5 runner up Lens integrations

Ideas for builders

Below are some ideas of what you can build with the Lens

Social Networking Powered Apps!

☀ AI-based music generation apps and marketplace that splits revenue with creators like Grimes

☀ Mobile apps for sending, receiving and possibly buying cryptocurrency with social features and discovery (think web3 Venmo)

☀ Microblogging - Lens is perfect for a CMS type back-end with the added benefits of discovery, composability and user monetization via collects

☀ Specialized, or niche, marketplaces for digital art or collectibles

☀ Peer-to-peer messaging apps with end-to-end encryption

☀ Voting apps for elections, surveys or just for fun

☀ Digital identity management systems

☀ Social networks for content creators with revenue sharing

☀ Decentralized platforms for crowdfunding or fundraising

☀ Platforms for creating and selling digital subscriptions

☀ Web3-based social gaming platforms


Because all of the infrastructure, data and Lens APIs are open and permissionless, there are infinite ways to build new and interesting tools on top of the Protocol.

☀ Disqus-like commenting modules

☀ Creating, curating, and / or managing content

☀ Open-source SDK’s, UI Components and Libraries

☀ Leveraging new modules to build slick or improved user interfaces for interacting with existing modules

☀ Migrating web2 footprints to Lens (like InLens)

☀ Content discovery

☀ Delegate profile actions to other wallets/s, smart contracts or DAO


In addition to building applications directly on Lens, you may want to integrate Lens as a web3 social layer into other new or existing applications. Each application using Lens benefits the entire ecosystem, turning what is usually a zero-sum game into a collaborative one.

Here are a few examples of integrations:

☀ Sign in with Lens - access users' profile information, such as name, bio, social URLs, pictures, interests, reputation, and activity.

☀ Share to Lens - helps distribute your application and its content to a larger audience.

☀ Follow on Lens - Follow a user on Lens from another app.

☀ Profile - display users' social profiles in any web3 application.

☀ Publication - Embed Lens posts content into any web3 application.

ERC 6551

Token Bound Accounts (TBAs) gives every NFT it's own wallet

An NFT's primary function is to enable uniqueness onchain, which typically can be done with image generation, contract utility, community formation, metadata and traits. However, there are clear limitations that prevent NFTs from reaching it's full potential as a self-sovereign Ethereum identity.

ERC 6551 which is already deployed to mainnet assigns an account address (ERC 4337 to be exact) to every single NFT on the Ethereum ecosystem. This allows NFTs to be used as sign-in identities within all dapps and also allow for NFTs to create their own history onchain separate from the EOA wallet that owns it.

Token Bound Accounts work exactly as a wallet and can hold any types of assets such as ETH, ERC 20, 721, 1155, etc. that means your NFT now can own other NFTs. The play area is extremely wide and fun because it allows for NFTs to truly be unique and become an NPC (networked playable character).

JPEG - view, share, like NFT - buy, sell, trade NFTs with Token Bound Accounts - become, use, interact

☀ The design space here is huge, it would be amazing to see Lens integrations with ERC 6551 in some way.


Mirrors, collects, follows and comments allow creators to monetize their content directly to the user without intermediaries and in a permissionless way. Because creators own their content via the Lens Protocol, they can allow their followers to purchase that content.

When a user posts a publication to their Profile NFT, they have the option to set a Collect Module. This allows users to mint NFTs that link to the publication's ContentURI. This module can contain any arbitrary logic to apply to the minting process and the resulting NFT.

Creators can incentivize promotion of their posts by offering fees for each post collected through one of their mirrors.

Here are a few examples of what you can build into your app:

☀ Monetize audiences via paid subscriptions

☀ Incentivize people who share (mirror) content

☀ Split revenue between the creator and others (multiple recipients)

☀ Gated content based on collects or payment

☀ Marketing and ads

More ideas

For more ideas, check out the Inspiration for builders section of our docs.


This workshop is happening in-person
Lens Protocol 101: A Workshop for Building Full Stack Web3 Social Applications
Time: 05:30 PM WEST – May 12, 2023
Location: 2nd Floor | Workshop Room 2

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