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libp2p is a modular and extensible networking stack that solves many challenges of peer-to-peer applications and allows you to run your network applications free from runtime and address services, independently of their location.


πŸ† Prize Pool: $5,000 split equally among up to 5 teams (paid in FIL)

🀝 P2P Apps & Services: Best use of libp2p in the networking layer to build peer to peer web/mobile services or applications making use of essential qualities such as interoperability, NAT traversal, universal connectivity, security, robustness & more!

Getting Started


Video recordings:

Important websites and other resources useful to hackers:

  • Connectivity website: https://connectivity.libp2p.io/
  • Which libp2p implementations support what modules: https://libp2p.io/implementations/
  • General website: libp2p.io
  • Discussion form: discuss.libp2p.io