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Filecoin Virtual Machine



Filecoin, the world’s largest decentralized network offers more than 16+ Exbibytes of storage. It allows users to store, request, and transfer data via a verifiable marketplace. Filecoin is completely open-source, enabling people from all over the world to participate.

Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) is a runtime environment for smart contracts (also called actors) on the Filecoin network. FVM brings user programmability to Filecoin, unleashing the enormous potential of an open data economy.

FVM unlocks boundless possibilities, ranging from dataDAOs, to perpetual storage, to financial services for miners (e.g. collateral lending, liquid staking, insurance protocols), to decentralized compute and Layer 2 networks (such as reputation systems, and incentive-aligned content delivery networks, and more.


🏆 Grand Prizes:

  • 3 teams x $5,000 (paid in FIL)

🏃‍♂️ Runners up:

  • 14 teams x $500 (paid in FIL)

Categories to explore:

💾 DataDAOs: Best DataDAOs and DAO tooling solutions built on FVM to enable curation, use, storage, analysis, monetization, and/or governance of valuable datasets.

Examples: Industry specific dataDAOs for decentralized science, machine learning models, biotech etc

💰DeFi : Best DeFi tools and services built on FVM to create value for FIL token-holders and 3500+ storage provider systems in the Filecoin Network.

Examples: Lending markets, staking pools, fundraising tools, automated market makers, decentralized exchanges, token collateral services, derivatives and more, etc.

🔗 Tools, Infra & Bridging: Best tooling solutions built on FVM to make the Filecoin Storage Network more accessible and easy-to-use for developers across Web2 and/or Web3 ecosystems.

Examples: Access control, decentralized ID infrastructure, data retrievability improvement ideas on Filecoin, bridges to other chains, etc.

🚀 Programmable Storage markets: Best solutions built on FVM to orchestrate, aggregate and broker storage for Data clients and 3500+ Storage Providers on the Filecoin network.

Examples: Storage bounties, full sector auctions, Filecoin sector rebates and incentive schemes to drive a more efficient data economy, etc.

🪄DWeb It: Best solutions that turn current web services and applications into more open, equitable, secure, and resilient. Using one or several decentralized technologies from Protocol Labs Network qualifies for this track.


Getting Started

  • FVM Official Site: Official site for FVM, with thorough references to FVM overview, timeline, and developer resources
  • FVM Quick Start Guide: FVM walk-through guide for wallet setup and contract deployment with Remix
  • FVM Hackathon Cheat Sheet: The name says it all! This is the comprehensive guide with all learning resources about FVM
  • FVM Toolkit References: Lists a collection of tools and resources you can use to build on top of the Filecoin network using the FVM
  • Metamask and Faucet Guide: A walkthrough tutorial to integrate FIL into MetaMask for different Filecoin networks.
  • Using Remix with FEVM: A live walk-through demo for setting up a wallet and using Remix to deploy a smart contract on FEVM
  • Example Use Cases: The Request for Startup blog post outlines a number of exciting opportunities and ideas that can be built on FVM