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ChainSafe Gaming SDK



ChainSafe Gaming is a complete web3 gaming solutions provider that recently released a new version of our SDK, web3.unity, that supports developers in building-enabled games and NFT-backed game assets. Web3.unity works on any EVM-compatible blockchain, and allows reads/writes and simplified wallet login across browser, mobile, and desktop platforms.


The ChainSafe Gaming team wants to see what YOU can build with the ChainSafe Gaming SDK.

⚠ Requirements:

  • Your project must use the web3.unity SDK in-game
  • Open source is preferred but not required. Code must be visible during judging
  • Your project description must mention how you used the web3.unity SDK and where in the codebase this usage can be seen
  • Your project must have a live, deployed, public, and interactive demo that can be used by judges and other hackathon participants
  • Your project must include a video presentation of the game and technology behind it, explaining how you used the SDK in your project

🎨 Judging Criteria:

  • Use of web3.unity SDK
  • Extending out functionality beyond what the Roll-With-It series provides
  • Gameplay
  • Visual Impression
  • Creativity


  • The top two project submissions will be selected and will split the total prize pot of $3,500 (2 x $1,750)

Getting Started

  • ChainSafe Build-Along Series (Roll-With-It): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeRwLc5ouxtUFmdyxhbsgNSo52cbr5e0N
  • ChainSafe Gaming Website https://gaming.chainsafe.io/
  • GitHub https://github.com/ChainSafe/web3.unity
  • SDK Documentation (v2.x) https://docs.gaming.chainsafe.io
  • ChainSafe Gaming Discord Support https://discord.com/invite/5938pUhMee